Arbor Cultural Ltd

36 Central Avenue
West Molesey

Contact Name: Tom Thompson

Category: Arborcultural Consultant

Business Description

Professional advice addressing all aspects of Arboricultural Consultancy

Arbor Cultural's aim is to promote good tree management for their many benefits, through the implementation of experience and knowledge. They seek to meet their clients needs whilst addressing the requirements of the trees to provide an acceptable juxtaposition between people trees and structures. They will comply with all the relevant legislation, guidance and British Standards.

The company name is based around arboriculture which is the cultivation of trees and shrubs. It is also widely used to mean the study of, or working with trees. This is derived from arbor, which is the Latin name for tree and culture which is the Latin name for cultivate, promote growth, foster or maintain as well as also meaning to honour, cherish, worship, tend or take care of. In English cultural means relating to the cultivation of the mind or manners especially through artistic or intellectual activity as well as refinement of taste, keenness and balance of intellect and judgement. These are what Arbor Cultural is striving to achieve.


Arbor Cultural addresses all aspects of Arboricultural Consultancy. These include;

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