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Pink Spaghetti provide ‘pick up, put down’ PA services and invaluable, part-time help for small business owners.

Small business owners are faced with a multitude of challenges to overcome on a daily basis.  Not all of these are complex, not all of these are in themselves time consuming, but there are occasions when the sheer volume of ‘stuff to do’ can overwhelm.

And what happens then? The practical approach to time-management goes out of the window! Tasks are started and left unfinished, small jobs that are important but not urgent somehow get prioritised and anything in the ‘nice to have’ pile sinks without a trace.

This is where the services of a part-time, ‘pick up and put down’ PA service and virtual PA service has proven so immeasurably valuable to our clients.  We can give you that extra time in the day to address the tasks vital to ensuring that you meet your business growth objectives, but still stay on top of all the minutiae of running that business. 

If you would benefit from the help and support of a virtual or personal PA service, talk to Pink Spaghetti today.  We are GDPR compliant.

Let us be your 25th hour!



FREE Consultation: Can outsourcing work for your small business?

Outsourcing is a growing trend for small businesses. Once seen as a cost-cutting exercise, it is now seen as a tried and tested route to business growth.

What should you outsource?

Repetitive tasks:
1. If it is repetitive, you can easily train someone else to do it, freeing your time
2. These tasks are not a good use of your time
3. These tasks stop you developing your business

Things you don’t know how to do, but know you need to do:
1. Email marketing
2. How to use your Facebook business page effectively?
3. What is Twitter all about?
4. How do you set up a LinkedIn business page, what do you post on it?
5. Instagram - how? Why?

These things are likely to improve your business, drive sales, but you don't know where to start so you procrastinate the task.

Things you don’t want to do:
1. Keying in business cards to create your database
2. Uploading your receipts to your accounting software
3. Writing content for your latest email newsletter
4. Writing your blog

You don’t want to work 24 hours a day. There are tasks that other people are better at, so tasks can be done more efficiently and in a more cost-effective way. This gives you the time to grow your business….or have some free time. Apart from fear, why wouldn't you, what reason is there not to outsource?

Let's have a no-obligation consultation and look at what you could possibly outsource. 

Starts: 06/12/2018

Expires: 31/01/2019

One hour FREE - Personal or Virtual Assistant Service

Your 25th hour of the day!

What could you do in your small business if you had your own PA?

This offer is open to Network My Club at Goodwood members only. Contact Vanessa on 07468 611869, or email to book your FREE hour.

Starts: 05/12/2018

Expires: 31/01/2019


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