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West Sussex
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Contact Name: David Price-Evans

Category: Human Resources Consultant

Business Description


Implementing positive CHANGE in the workplace

Starfish People provide businesses in West Sussex and through-out the UK with expert HR advice saving businesses time and the expense of a traditional in-house HR department.

Developing a business is both exciting and demanding, and choosing the right people, with the right skills and attitude to help grow your business is paramount to its success. It’s clear that people can be the difference between bringing astounding results or potential failure which is both costly and time-consuming. 

We understand that few businesses have access to, or want the expense of an HR department or a full-time HR manager, so we are here to help. Starfish People is an HR consultant that offers you the ability to outsource your HR, and provides jargon-free, creative and practical HR support.

Our coaching service can also provide you with a platform to improve performance, develop confidence, self-awareness and improve relationships through greater emotional intelligence.

We work in partnership with your business, teams and individuals to help you achieve the success and results you deserve.

Feel free to get in touch, we would love to help.


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03/10/2018 by Client in Kelty,

If your a sales manager and your wondering how your sales staff are structuring their sales pitches or organising their diaries and work to achieve target or you are a salesperson who feels their skills could be updated or refreshed to make them more successful well..... Make a phone call to Helen and before you think no I don't want to be told how to run my sales force or I'm not having someone on my shoulder, you are wrong in that assumption dead wrong. You will enjoy the friendly non agenda atmosphere and at the end of the day you will find yourself saying and doing the things without thinking and succeeding in such a non classroom format.

03/10/2018 by Jigsaw Tree Ltd

Helen provided Jigsaw Tree Limited with an annual HR contract where we have received significant value through the advice and protection Helen has provided our business. We were delighted to renew our contract with Starfish People as it represented great value to our business. We have absolute confidence in the advice that we are provided by Helen and look forward to our continued relationship developing. I can highly recommend Helen and Starfish People to any business in any sector.

03/10/2018 by Client in Chichester

Helen is great at really understanding the needs of your business and the type of people you're looking for when it comes to recruitment. I sent her what I can only describe as a rough piece of copy for a recruitment advert. She effortlessly brought it together using all her personality typing know-how and experience in working with people to make it stand out from the crowd, appeal to the nuances of each individual and she hit the nail on the proverbial head to the exact qualities of the candidates I was looking for. It was like magic!

03/10/2018 by Client in Chichester, 12 July 2018

Our company asked Helen to undertake DISC profiling to help with our recruitment process. Helen met with us initially to discuss the process, which was very well explained. She then conducted the DISC survey online with our candidates and met with us again to discuss the results. Our staff agreed that the process was very insightful and Helen executed it all with impeccable professionalism and friendliness.

03/10/2018 by Client in Chichester, September 2018

I found my session with Helen quite life changing she was very perceptive. Helen has a wonderful knack of listening and knows where your coming from. It was one of the best 1 & 1/2 hours I have ever had. I would recommend it to anyone.